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Born on September 01, 2004
I weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and was 19 inches long
My first day home
I came home on Sep 3, 2004 and Grandma Jeanette, Great Aunt Barb, Chris, Jason, Jay Brose came over
My first smile
I first smiled at about 3 months old
my first meal
I was fed carrotts for the 1st time around 4 months. I kinda liked it! It sure was different!
My first word
My first word was of course Mama!!!
My first crawl
I started to crawl aroung 6 months
My first birthday
My birthday party was on Sep 3 2005 at Grandma Jeanette's house
My first step
I started picking myself up around 9 months started really walking at about 10 1/2
First Tooth
I finally got my first tooth on Oct 6th 2005
15 months
i started to say "No No" to my parents at about 15months! They just love it!
Bad words
I can remember all bad words anyone says now so becareful of what you say!!
2yrs and growing!!
I tell my mommy to sit in time out when she tries to put me in time out! 

I also can say abc and 123-789!! (have not learned the 123456789 yet!)

I love holding my baby cousin
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