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Welcome to baby Makayla’s website. Here we will keep you updated with her adventures. We hope you enjoy visiting and sharing our joy and excitement.
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What a beautiful little girl you have!   / John Felton (none)
I know I don't know any of you, I just happened to be browseing the web for a place to host a site for my 3 little Angels and came across yours. She is very beautiful and you all must be so proud.

My wife and I gave birth to Triplete girls...  Continue >>
Are we related   / Crystal Wormuth (not sure )
Im wondering if were realted in any way?   I was just browsing my family tree online and saw you.
xoxo  / Mallori Green (2nd cousin )

I'm sorry I can't be closer to you to experience your life with you. You have a wonderful family and are loved very much. I know you will grow to be such a beautiful, smart young lady. I love you!!!!
Baby Girl   / Sanita Simms (good friend )
You are quite the lil miracle. Sayli and I love you SO much and it is such a joy to spend time with you :) I wouldn't trade it for the world! Baby, you don't know just how rich you are...there is a ton of people that love you and you have...  Continue >>
Dear Makayla   / Earl And Eleanore Swigart (Great-Grandparents)
Dear Special Little One,
Altho we have not held you or played with you we love you!   We are so happy for your Mommy and Daddy who love you and care for you so well.  We hear lots about you from your Grandpa Alan!  He thinks yo...  Continue >>
Hello Daughter  / Bree Swigart (Mother)    Read >>
She's a doll  / Leah     Read >>
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